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About Walker & Orrie Landscaping

Brettlee Walker

I began my career in 1992 in Durban where I honed my skill on exotic tropical plants and gardens. In 1999 I began my journey into Cape gardening. During the period 2006-2016 I was instrumental in establishing plant propagation and production nurseries where I grew indigenous and Mediterranean plants for use in landscaping and as stock for retail nurseries. Also during this time I worked closely with developers designing and laying out the gardens for new housing estates in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Through the years I have provided both career and work experience opportunities for horticulturists and landscape-technology students.

My projects range from large estate planning through to housing developments and commercial work. I also have an extensive portfolio of large and small residential landscaping.

All our work is plan designed and then quantified before moving on to installation.

Sa’eed Orrie and I provide a turnkey service, managing all sub-contractors and specialist trades.

Currently we are designing water conscious environments to meet the challenges of climate change in the urban environment. Our goal is to design and create easily maintained and sustainable landscapes that combine function and aesthetic for a better lifestyle.

Tel: 083 632 7549 | Email : brettlee@walker.capetown

Sa’eed Orrie

As a student seeking opportunity, I launched my career as a plant specialist at a nursery in Cape town. On internship, I was fortunate to be placed by my institution at an organization which dealt with the various aspects of landscaping.

Apart from facilitating commercial and residential landscapes, I had the opportunity to engage in cutting edge design, environmental rehabilitation, commercial infrastructures such as Gabions and Vertical Green-walls, connecting me to significant industry exposure.

Upon graduation in 2014, I was favoured to find a place at Walker projects, esteemed as one of the top Landscape design and installers across the Atlantic seaboard.

Through my years here, I have delved in Landscape Design, Drafting and Project Management of specialist trades.

As a partner in this company I am delighted to contribute to this company’s overall success.

For me, the fulfilment lies in the construction of sustainable spaces in the built environment, as well as the Implementation of landscapes that reflect intentional choices.

Tel: 071 156 3404 | Email : saeed@walker.capetown


Our capable crew of landscapers offer an accessible and personal landscaping experience and are happy to take on any sized project whether large estate or a small plot, a garden bed augmentation or replanting pots.


We are a company of nine with more than forty years’ collective experience in garden design and installation and we know plants and what to plant for you.


Together with our partner companies we also offer building services, carpentry including decking and pergolas, fencing, irrigation, paving, water storage and reticulation.