Landscape Design




All landscape design conceptual work is by Brett Walker





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Project Management



I match you with installation contractors and good value suppliers. I can administrate and manage your landscaping needs to ensure you get the best possible outcomes at fair cost.




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Landscaping & Professional Consultant



Regular consulting to assist you develop your property for a better lifestyle. Matching you with trained garden artisans. Guiding you and your garden artisan on a monthly basis.




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Welcome to Brett Walker Landscaping

Landscape design and planning, scoping and cost reports, consultations and project management

I am a landscape designer, specializing in site, property and garden layout planning. My goal is to design and create easily maintained and sustainable environments that combine both function and aesthetic experience.

My career was established in 1992 and my projects include an extensive portfolio of large and small residential homes as well as commercial sites.

Project scoping and costing is offered as well as procurement and project management of all landscape contractors. Regular consultations and site visits are also offered to instruct and guide maintenance teams to achieve the best long term outcomes and results.

Landscape design and planning

Scoping and costing reports

Consultations and site visits


Thea Ramsay

My daughter recommended Brettlee Walker to me; he had created flowerbeds for her almost two years ago, which were completely planted with succulents, with which she was delighted. So I felt confident contacting him.

During the first appointment Brettlee spent an entire morning in our garden, walking around with me, looking over all aspects of the planting, working out which shrubs/trees/bulbs could be retained, the sun/shade situation. He took his time, finding out what my preferences were and what atmosphere I wanted. I wanted a labour saving, drought resistant garden.

Rosemary Sloggett

From the initial meeting to discuss, Brettlee inspired confidence with their understanding and grasp of what we were trying to do with the garden. They offered sound, innovative advice and proactive concepts that culminated in a terrific design.

While they were “at work” – they were so flexible as well as well managed, diligent and always ready to answer my countless number of questions. The garden has now exceeded my high expectations. We are making much better use of the garden now and getting so much pleasure from the beautiful and colorful planting, easy maintenance and “clean and clear” design.

Ceri & Pete Berry

Brettlee will always be my “go to” person for anything to do with the garden as he invests so much thought and care into each project, his staff are lovely and nothing is ever too much to ask.

With Brettlee and his team the results always speak for themselves. Our teeny tiny little garden on Clifton 4th beach was actually not very straight forward: We had to apply for permission to remove plants, prune trees and replant; we had a limited list of plants approved by the council; a drought; a hot busy space looking onto the beach with a neglected olive tree slapped in the middle: neighbours who were difficult to please.