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What our clients have to say

My sister-in-law, Thea-Marie Ramsay, recommended Brettlee from Walker & Orrie Landscaping. They had recently done a wonderful “renovation” for her garden in Bishopscourt.

I live on a quarter acre in Kenilworth. At our first meeting, which lasted more than three hours, Brettlee walked around the existing garden “thinking and observing”. The only brief I had given him was that I wanted a water-wise, low maintenance garden. I had very recently installed three 1000 litre slimline tanks.

I get very attached to my plants and know each and every one, so I did also add that there were a couple of plants that I really really wanted to retain, because of memories, particularly a Camellia, “Nuccio’s Gem”, which I gave to my late husband on his last birthday, prior to seeing the ballet “Camille”.

Sa’eed Orrie did the original drawing with Brettlee’s suggestions for the new plants. There were one or two ideas that I didn’t want and which Brettlee was happy to take out. He added paved pathways which were very fitting with our relatively contemporary house and connected the house to a gazebo. This brilliant idea created a totally new impression and gave the feeling of a much larger garden. Another large Camellia was transplanted very successfully. The water tanks were painted white to match the pristine white of the house, so they fit in very well. I like to repeat plants in my garden and was delighted that Brettlee agrees with this concept.

The team of gardeners were a delight to have on site and Brettlee and Sa’eed’s regular visits during the renovation were always very enjoyable occasions. We made a couple of changes along the way and actually had lots of fun!

I feel the transformation of my garden has opened a whole new chapter in my life. It is definitely more manageable and I go out first thing every morning to walk the pathways, see my plants and praise God for all the beauty, including a view of Devil’s Peak!

Anthea – 11 November 2019

This is to thank Brettlee Walker once again for all the attention, the enthusiasm and the sincere interest shown in my project. I feel as if he read my brain! It is exactly what I visualized; his team have done an absolutely great job, and they gave steadily without ‘skimping’ on any detail – something I had NOT visualized.

I imagined a mess for days without visible progress! It’s great to look at something which inspires me. Yes, I do intend planting a veg garden in among the lovely protective foliage he has installed, and I promise not to disturb his design…it’s just that from dune sand I have received this gloriously rich composted and mulched garden in which my seeds will thrive!

Another unexpected bonus is the after installation service I shall be rewarded with – a once a month visit by his men, for three months – WOW!

Thank you. I’m over the moon..

Loraine – 28 May 2019

Brettlee and his team did a great job transforming our garden from drab to fab. It used to be a space that inaccessible and marred by the retainer bricks. It now has more functional space and with a design in mind has plants working for the area, pushing it to its greatest potential.

Thank you for your great work.

Saffron de la Rouviere

My daughter recommended Brettlee Walker to me; he had created flowerbeds for her almost two years ago, which were completely planted with succulents, with which she was delighted. So I felt confident contacting him.

During the first appointment Brettlee spent an entire morning in our garden, walking around with me, looking over all aspects of the planting, working out which shrubs/trees/bulbs could be retained, the sun/shade situation. He took his time, finding out what my preferences were and what atmosphere I wanted. I wanted a labour saving, drought resistant garden.

Brettlee spent several hours at different times, checking with me, checking the large trees’ shade, soil suitability and ease of maintenance of the planting. I felt thoroughly consulted!

I was presented with a hand-drawn colour layout of the final appearance of the two wide flanks of the driveway. Brettlee was at pains to explain everything to me, ensuring that I grasped fully what was going to happen. The invoicing system was prompt and detailed, so I knew at all times “where” we were in terms of expenditure. Brettlee’s initial quote was thorough and this meant there were no surprises.

The work men had obviously worked with the company for some years, as they knew exactly what he wanted. I was very happy that Brettlee and his men have a mutual respect for one another, which made for a pleasant atmosphere whilst they were on the property. They were friendly and if I had a question, they would explain to me, or find out from Brettlee what he thought.

Several large overgrown shrubs were “lifted” in terms of the lower branches being pruned, and creating a beautiful canopy under which a harmonious colour palette developed. Some existing plants were moved, others had to go, with my blessing, and existing bulbs and plants were divided and replanted in swathes, complementing some new plants.

The best surprise for me was that the completed landscape was totally my own taste! I realize that this is the result of those talks and walks that Brettlee undertakes with his clients when he first visits.

We are completely delighted with the final result. The knowledge and experience of years of landscaping is evident in Brettlee’s work. I recommend Brettlee Walker Landscaping wholeheartedly..

Thea Ramsay

From the initial meeting to discuss, Brettlee inspired confidence with their understanding and grasp of what we were trying to do with the garden. They offered sound, innovative advice and proactive concepts that culminated in a terrific design.

While they were “at work” – they were so flexible as well as well managed, diligent and always ready to answer my countless number of questions. The garden has now exceeded my high expectations. We are making much better use of the garden now and getting so much pleasure from the beautiful and colorful planting, easy maintenance and “clean and clear” design.

I LOVE the way Brettllee work and I would have no hesitation in endorsing them and recommending them whole heatedly.

Rosemary Sloggett

Brettlee will always be my “go to” person for anything to do with the garden as he invests so much thought and care into each project, his staff are lovely and nothing is ever too much to ask. With Brettlee and his team the results always speak for themselves. Our teeny tiny little garden on Clifton 4th beach was actually not very straight forward: We had to apply for permission to remove plants, prune trees and replant; we had a limited list of plants approved by the council; a drought; a hot busy space looking onto the beach with a neglected olive tree slapped in the middle: neighbours who were difficult to please. Brettlee and his wonderful team worked through all the red tape and negotiated with the builders and the architect to create a tiny sanctuary just off the beach. I can’t believe I ever wanted to get rid of the olive tree! It has been pruned and shaped and gently watches over the little pool with the cocktail seat. We thank you Brettlee and the team for the design of the garden, the pool and the decking; for carefully watching over as the pool and decking took shape and for our gorgeous little garden. It is very simple, water wise, fragrant, and with some of my favourite indigenous plants. Our little space is exactly what we had in mind.

Ceri & Pete Berry

Brettlee is quite simply a magician! His green fingers touched every corner of our property with unwavering focus, creating a magical landscape that delights our senses! Throughout our two year project Brettlee remained committed, enthusiastic and attentive, taking his task seriously but with lightness of heart. I think he should call himself “Team Awesome!”

Nicola Vaughan Scott</p?

We have been living in our house for the past nineteen years. As we live in an estate we were not allowed to cut down the pine trees on our property. This ruling changed miraculously in 2016 and we were permitted to cut down fourteen very large, very old trees. You can imagine the mess. Nothing of substance grows under pines so the garden was completely denuded of life.

The process of the wood removal also devastated whatever was left. My wife Pauline called in Brett-Lee and he came and gave us some ideas to recreate our garden.

And that’s what he did. With his on site Manager Sa-eed and his wonderful, friendly staff they literally transformed our garden. We never went into our garden before.

Now we walk daily along the beautiful paths they created and admire the plants.

Their plant recommendations and selection was also spot on. Even though we have not been able to water for the past four months the garden has survived and grown. We now enjoy our garden and it has revolutionized our house and our interest in the garden.

I can highly recommend Brett-Lee and his staff to transform your garden. His staff were unobtrusive and helpful. They concentrated on the job at hand.

A big thank you Brett-Lee to you and your staff for a job well done.

Robert Mutlow

I was very pleased with your landscaping in our garden in Newlands recently.

The garden looked fantastic – thank you.

Linda Zink

I would be happy to recommend Buhle and her fellow workers, from Point of Life garden services to anyone wanting a good team to take care of their garden.

They work efficiently and with forward planning, which is great as they always arrive and know exactly what needs to be done , from replanting annuals , spraying and trimming the hedges and fertilizing. The garden always looks immaculate when they leave.

Gay and John Roberts

As someone who has the privilege of seeing some of the most spectacular gardens in the Western Cape through my line of work, I guess it would be fair to say that I had quite high expectations when it came to my own garden.

After thinking that the landscaping was something I could attend to on my own I embarked on a 2 year process of turning what was rubble and concrete into a workable garden space. Sadly the result was seriously lacking. I knew the time had come to call in the professionals and put my trust in someone else.

As a child I grew up on an acre property in Natal and my mom was passionate about palms. My fondest memories are of getting lost amongst the dense foliage and discovering nooks and crannies I could call my own.

Brettlee came highly recommend and I was expecting a huge ego to walk through my front door. What struck me first was how personable Brett is, and how he authentically tries to create a garden that is true to its owner. Together we came up with a theme and Brett set about his magic. I had no idea the level of intensity that goes into creating a garden space, the hours spent painstakingly planning every minute detail. Brett forged a concise plan and map, down to every last plant on his planting palette and presented me with hand drawn visuals of what my garden would look like from every angle. His enthusiasm was contagious. Every step of the way Brett was sure to keep me informed and I grew accustomed to his weekly Friday afternoon phone call to let me know what was happening at all times.

I don’t actually have the words to express the end result, only to say that Brettlee exceeded my wildest expectations. I can honestly say that the garden feels like an extension of me, and has brought so much joy to our home space. I finally feel like I am surrounded by the exotic jungles of my childhood, and even in its infancy, the garden takes my breath away. I cannot wait to watch it grow and develop.

Brettlee and his team are true professionals. I could never have envisioned what they have come up with, in a relatively small space. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Romy Tarboton

Point of Life Landscaping not only provides a professional and excellent service, but adds a personal touch to their clients as well.

When I was out of country and the mountain fires in Hout Bay were approaching my house, the staff realized this and turned on the irrigation system to help protect my house.

Their vision in their designs and commitment to a quality service is second to none and I would not use another service for any of my properties.

Gareth Jacobs

Thank-you Brettlee and all the crew for a truly professional experience from beginning to end of my new garden.

Your hard work and dedication was really appreciated and I would recommend your service without hesitation.


We called on Brettlee to revamp our sunbathed Hout Bay garden, nestled on the lower slopes facing Orangekloof, in an estate with a strict indigenous plants requirement. Brettlee and his team leader Unathi reviewed the site and its location and Unathi came up with a vibrant design which was implemented in March 2015. Here we are in October and the outcome is already stunning and much admired by our many visitors.

Brettlee’s teams are a blend of local experience and training allowing young qualified and budding horticulturists to hone their skills. They have our unqualified recommendation.

Iain Carr

“Stark” ,”exposed”, “dry”, ” windswept “and “failure to thrive “are are words that I would have used to describe my garden in Hout Bay a few years ago. We live on two acres of land along the Disa river and at certain times of the year ( which is most of the year) the wind howls through our property taking its toll on everything in its path. We found ourselves spending most of the summer indoors.

Over the last four years Brettlee and his team have been steadily converting our garden into a sanctuary. We started by removing paving and planting trees and planting a food garden, every month something new was planted or a new area created.

Today we have three gorgeous water features, an abundance of thriving indigenous trees, fynbos and proteas; a cut flowers garden; an orchard; a food garden, a secret garden for the children; many quiet and shady places to sit. Brettlee’s careful planning and attention to detail can be seen in the different flowers and plants that have something new to show with each changing season.

Brettlee has incredible expertise in what and when to plant as well as how and when to fertilize. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Brettlee and his team transform our living space.

Our garden and outdoor lifestyle has become a wonder and a delight to the whole family.

Thank you Brettlee

Ceri Berry

Brettlee and his team literally transformed our landscape. From a rocky, vertigo inducing slope with not a trace of vegetation visible, we have, a year after moving into our newly built home, a beautiful and peaceful indigenous garden.

We could never have come up with the ideas or even had the vision that Brettlee brought to our garden and certainly if we had attempted it on our own, it would have been a very costly experience.

Using Brettlee’s services definitely saved us money and a great deal of frustration.

Apart from his creative talent, he delivered a first class service and follow up. Brettlee is passionate about what he creates and is proud of his work which makes him a pleasure to work with.

I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Maya Fisher-French

I am lucky to have a home office, situated in our back garden. The walk to my office is up a grassy slope, with pavers as steps. I have a vegetable garden at the top of the slope, but wanted to create something more water-wise and beautiful and take out the grass. The grass was difficult to maintain and I always felt sorry for our gardener when he was struggling to mow this area.

I thought that an indigenous rockery would work well here, but knew that I would need to help to do it. Pierr was worried about soil loss during severe rain, which has happened in the past. It made sense to rather get the job done on 3-4 days rather than it being a more drawn-out weekend project over 2 months, which is what it would have been if we had done it ourselves.

I had seen Brettlee’s adverts in various Hout Bay publications and looked at his website. I liked his business approach, his passion for gardening and the fact that he showcased his staff.

The communication with Brettlee, Lusanda, Tabang and Ntobeko was excellent. Brettlee knew exactly what I wanted and the end result speaks for itself. The creation of the rockery took place over 4 days. (even in the rain!).

I now have a completely different feeling walking up to my office. It feels like a sanctuary!

It was a pleasure to work with Brettlee and his wonderful team.

Thank you

Sarah L. Roodt

A years ago I asked Brettlee to flatten my wild garden and design something more user-friendly with space where one could sit.

My brief was to still keep a wild look with lots of colourful flowers but to make it more spacious. He came up with a design which included paving and the building of a pergola, as well as two lemon trees to frame it all.

It was a real pleasure to have him and his team do this job. They finished it in record time, kept in touch all the time and were very neat and tidy.

The results speak for themselves. I now have a beautiful garden where you can sit under a pergola and enjoy it all. The lemons off the trees are an added bonus!

Colleen McCallum

After various attempts and copious amounts of money, trying to get a particularly challenging part of my garden looking half-way acceptable, I employed the services of Brettlee Walker Garden and Landscaping.

The change was phenomenal and I am thrilled with the results. His expertise and attention to detail has left my garden beautiful and flourishing. I can highly recommend them to anyone.

Louise Hellberg

A years ago I asked Brettlee to flatten my wild garden and design something more user-friendly with space where one could sit.

My brief was to still keep a wild look with lots of colourful flowers but to make it more spacious. He came up with a design which included paving and the building of a pergola, as well as two lemon trees to frame it all.

It was a real pleasure to have him and his team do this job. They finished it in record time, kept in touch all the time and were very neat and tidy.

The results speak for themselves. I now have a beautiful garden where you can sit under a pergola and enjoy it all. The lemons off the trees are an added bonus!

Colleen McCallum

Buhle and her crew have done an exceptional job on my most recent project. They converted a dead corner in my property into a green oasis surrounding my newly built practice. A lot of the landscaping work was done while the builders were busy with construction and the landscaping team worked elegantly around construction. Planting happened while the builders were busy indoors. What was so fantastic about the whole process is that when my building was finished, the plants were all in and it looks all lived in already!

I particularly like that all my added on structures have been seamlessly landscaped into the rest of my garden. I greatly appreciate the efficiency and friendliness of the whole crew. Added to that I get good advice and feel that they understand my garden and what I am looking to create.

Christina Kalos

Many thanks to Brettlee, Unathi and the crew. They did a wonderful job on my plot.

They understand what my wife and I wanted and gave us the best advice during the hole planing process. They found the right plants for the conditions on side and the garden looked great nearly from the beginning.

Brettlee also had the right contact for a company to do the irrigation system.

Everything run hand in hand and they finished the project in time.

Brettlee is a reliable and very skilled. I can really recommend him and his crew.

Peter Lüders

I am so glad that I have been introduced to Brettlee and am very excited about the management team which I am confident will be running like clockwork in the very near future.

I love what you guys have done to my garden.


Margit Twentyman

Sprucing up my garden and giving it new life was a pleasure with Brettlee. He listened to my preferences and made helpful suggestions and gave me clear direction.

When it comes to maintenance, Buhle and her team have been great with suggestions and getting the job done. My garden receives the ongoing care it needs which is such a weight off my mind.

Gail Hunter

I am so happy with the replanting that you and your team have done in my garden. I can highly recommend you all.

Rose Steyn

What joy when I open my email and notice a mail from Brettlee Walker Gardening & Landscaping services !

That means the delightful Buhle and her very capable team are wanting to set a date and time that suits me best for their monthly visit to come and tweek my garden.

No more sweat for me spraying , deadheading , fertilizing , etc,etc. I just do as much as I choose and leave the slog to them.

And always after their visit there is a smile on my face because the results are instant !

I am so tickled pink to have found Brettlee, Buhle and the very professional, polite , punctual and a pleasure to deal with team.

I pray we will have a long and lasting relation !

Dalene Morris