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The thing I did this summer

I used chemical insecticides in my garden.

The dreaded Lawn caterpillar came back for the umpteenth year and this time the infestation was much more widespread. My lawn was littered with the tell-tale bald leafless dry looking patches. So this summer I decided to treat the problem with insecticide.

These caterpillars live in the soil underneath the lawn and come out during the night. They feed on the grass blades which results in large, yellow patches. If the population is left to build up, they can become a serious problem. Treat the lawn as soon as the infestation becomes apparent.

Soon these caterpillars will turn into moths and the lawn will start to recover and the problem will seem to go away. The moths however will lay eggs at the end of their lifecycle and the worms will be back the following summer.

There are many remedies for eliminating Lawn Caterpillar. These range from soapy water treatments through to the Organic products or ultimately onwards to the traditional chemical insecticides. Choose the course of action that appeals to you.

Some insects cause a lot of damage in our gardens. Other insects go about their business of eating their way through our plants virtually un-noticed. It’s all about the volume of insects and where they occur that makes the difference. Aphides and Beetle have been discussed with regards the effect they have on Roses. Snails, slugs and worms will destroy the veg garden if left unchecked. Beatle larvae can damage trees and the whole season’s growth in the palm crown thus ruining the plant. The Lily Borer attacks Agapanthus with a vengeance every year, increasing the damage with each round.

This summer I drenched the Lawn, potted Palms, Agapanthus colonies and my Roses with chemical insecticides.

Treating insect infestations is controversial and always stirs much debate. It is not always possible to kill one species of insect without killing other, perhaps more beneficial insects. Organic sprays do work when applied very often.

Lawn Caterpillars

However when certain insects become plagues you need those chemical formulas especially during high summer when the insect populations are at their peak. It is prudent to keep insects from becoming plagues. Infestations can spread to neighbours gardens and ultimately they enter the surrounding farmlands, in the same way viruses spread through people and ultimately through countries.

Seek advice from your gardening company or nearest horticultural centre.